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Leah Karol is a photographer and digital artist from Birmingham, Alabama. She began her photographic journey shooting black and white film and developing her own prints. Over the past twenty years, she has honed her craft using a variety of film processes with vintage manual cameras, and transitioning into the digital age to incorporate modern photographic technologies: Adobe Photoshop, DSLR Cameras, and even an iPhone.

In addition to straight photography, Leah creates extraordinary worlds for her subjects through photographic compositing. Fascinated with recurring patterns and archetypes, she draws inspiration for her work from the transcendent abstractions of symbols, myths, and fairytales to create whimsical images that evoke universal themes.  The production of each image is a meticulous process, continuously evolving with her imagination: conceptualizing the storyline, artfully posing and photographing each model, and collecting, capturing, and manipulating addition images to flesh out the tale.

Leah also specializes in legacy and couture portraiture.  She works very closely with each subject to craft the perfect image through lighting, posing, setting, and expression. The final product is delivered as the highest quality archival pigment print that will endure as a legacy portrait for many generations.







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